Dec 16

Chicote the dog

Our dog, Chicote was very jealous when he heard I visited Reeces Creek Elementary. Remember, Chicote thinks he is part Chihuahua and part coyote so we named him: Chicote!

Chico just loves kids and would have felt right at home running with the Reeces Creek coyotes! Well, I felt right at home, too, and I want to thank you for a wonderful visit! Keep reading and remember those four special words!

Dec 15

me in t-shirt

Not only did I enjoy a super-fun school visit, I received some very special gifts including this cool Skipcha Elementary T-shirt! I just had to wear it with my matching black hat. And check out those zebra stripes!

Thanks again, Skipcha Elementary! You were a great group of kids and had excellent manners. I hope you had just as much fun as I did.

Dec 14

Decker Elementary pic

Thanks for the awesome visit, Decker Elementary! You guys were great and picked up on that giraffe thing right away! You had some wonderful questions, too. And remember what I said, since I couldn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to email me anytime!

I’d also like to give a special good luck to the 4th grade on their TAKS tests. I hope some of my writing tips and tricks fit the bill and give you a leg up. As for everyone else… keep reading and remember the four words!

Dec 7

 Nadine Johnson ElementaryI had a fun time visiting Nadine Johnson Elementary and hangin’ with the Hutto Hippos!

You kids were extremely polite, had great questions, and were naturals when it came to making cool giraffe sounds!
I’m also glad you enjoyed the sneak-peek showing of the very first Clown Commandos webisode! Keep checking back here and at for more information and to discover when the clowns are finally unleashed!

Thanks again for having me out! Keep learning and keep filling those brains!