Sep 15


My first author visits of the school year were in guess where…Juneau, Alaska! I’ve visited Alaska before but this was my first official school visit…visit. How cool is that? I began the day at Glacier Valley Elementary. Everyone was lovely, students and teachers alike, as lovely as the school’s surrounding scenery!

Thanks to Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Potter for having me out, for the transportation, and the cool T-shirts! And the biggest thanks to everyone I met at Glacier Valley—my first Alaska school!

Oh, yeah, another cool thing about Glacier Valley…down the street from an actual glacier. Another thanks goes to Mrs. Potter for the ride to Mendenhall Glacier. Very cool!

After lunch, I enjoyed an afternoon visit to Harborview Elementary! I had a great time with everyone, even if we did run a little short on time. But like I said, be sure to email me any questions you like! Hopefully the library books I signed will help make up for it.


Thanks to Mrs. Leary for having me out and thanks to all the great Harborview students. I hope you enjoy my books in your library.

A big thanks goes to all the kids I met today (including the girl who yelled out to me from her car later). I had a fun time in Juneau and I hope to come back soon!