Oct 31

Today I had the honor of returning to Vaughan Elementary in Allen, TX! But not only did I get the chance to visit with the Vaughan Vikings again, my visit was on Halloween. How cool is that!

I performed three shows, visited a few classrooms, and enjoyed seeing all the cool costumes!

I even got to see Hunter again. Being older, he looked a little different of course, but also because he was dressed as the Joker. Coincidentally, I’m in the middle of writing a Batman and Joker book right now!

Oh yeah, and Vaughn was the first school to experience my brand new banjolele!

Thanks to Mrs. Almond and the Vaughan PTA for having me back. And thanks for the great lunch at Coney Island Hot Weiner Shop–great chili dogs! Thanks to Mrs. Smithwick (AKA Mary Poppins) for the introductions (I’ll see you at TLA). Thanks to Mr. Garth for all your help. And a big thanks to all the Vaughan Vikings! It was great spending the day with you again!