Oct 21

Today I enjoyed my first school visit of the new school year AND my first school visit to Fort Worth, Texas! I got to meet all the great boys and girls at Shulkey Elementary — home of the Shulkey Mustangs!

I enjoyed speaking to all of you and was surprised to discover that many of you wrote letters and drew pictures for me! Thanks, everyone! I enjoyed all of them, especially a drawing from Natalie. She drew a picture of one of my video clips in which my chihuahuas and I met Barney. Greet job, Natalie!

Thanks to everyone who wrote me letters and thanks to all the students of Shulkey Elementary! Have a great school year, Mustangs!

Barney and Me walking Chihuahuas

Oct 7

Released today — The Penguins of Madagascar: Skipper’s Log!

Written completely from Skipper’s point of view, I had a fun time getting inside his head. Hopefully, I did a good job and you’ll hear his voice as you read. Who knows… you might even get a little swagger in your step when you’re done.