Feb 11

Today I spent the morning with the bright young elementary and middle school students of Perdido School, in where else but Perdido, Alabama! Home of the Warriors, they all came out to play as we rocked the gym with laughter, singing, and some elephant noises (that you really have to be careful doing, otherwise you spray the person in front of you).
After my shows, I had the chance to sign a bunch of books and even got my picture taken with the school’s Battle of the Books team. Don’t know what that is? Check it out HERE. I wish they had this when I was in school.
Thanks to Mrs. Miller for inviting me and for being such a gracious host. Thanks to Mr. Duane for setting up everything. Thanks to Mrs. McDonald for taking pictures. Thanks to Miss Bess for the tasty snacks. Thanks to Coaches Ebert and Ryder for the use of the gym. And a big thanks to all Perdido Warriors! I hope you enjoyed my visit and best of luck with the Battle of the Books!

Feb 5

Today I spent a lovely afternoon with all the 2nd graders at Hicks Elementary in Houston, TX. That’s right, just me and grade 2! We had fun discussing reading, writing, and blowing stuff up for movie special effects! Now they can pass along some of those stories to the rest of the school!
I even got some of them to hang back for a group shot!
Thanks to Mrs. Sintuphant for inviting me and thanks to all the Hicks 2nd graders! Keep writing. Keep reading. And speaking of reading… be sure to check out one of the books I signed for your library. I even included a special message just for you!
Oh yes, there was a silly version…