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Another Pantego


I’ve visited Pantego Christian Academy in Arlington twice in the past, but today was my first time at their Mansfield campus! I was there at the end their young authors and illustrators competition. I gave a presentation to the entire school did, in fact, meet many young authors and illustrators with great questions all around!

After the show, I got to spend lunch with all the 6th graders for some more writing questions…and pizza, too! Can’t beat that! Great to meet you: Carley, Cecille, Connell, Cornelius, Jacob, Mallory, Matthew, Skylar, Trent, and Vanessa!

Thanks to Mrs. Russell for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Birdwell for letting me join your class for lunch. And thanks to all the young authors and illustrators at Pantego Christian Academy. I hope you enjoyed my visit and don’t forget to keep reading AND writing!



From Love to Hart


It’s no longer February but it seemed like a valentine week with my departure from Love and my arrival at Hart Elementary in Lucas, Texas—home of the Leopards! Big welcome banners greeted my arrival along with several enthusiastic students. As part of their annual event, Legacy Read, I gave two shows in the cafeteria…

…followed by some photo ops.

And then I retired to the “Leopard Lair” for a final show and more photos. After which I signed a ton of books for the school library AND many more brought in by the Leopards themselves!


Thanks to Mrs. Hart for inviting me out and for the great lunch. Thanks to Mrs, Thomas for her help. And the biggest thanks of all goes to the Leopards themselves. With your event theme of Walk a Mile in my Shoes, I hope you enjoyed my show and realize that the saying works for hats, too!



What’s Hatchin’ at Love Elementary


I spent a fun day with the Lil’ Texans at Clara Love Elementary, in Justin, Texas! I enjoyed meeting everyone, performing three big shows, and signing bunches of books for many students AND the school library. I hope you enjoy the books, Will!

I also enjoyed seeing the library’s incubator with six eggs—of which…I forgot to get a photo. It’s okay though, because even though they were scheduled to hatch that day, they hadn’t before I left. So…just picture six eggs and you get the picture, so to speak.

Either way, I loved my time at Love Elementary and I want to thank Mrs. Kosek for inviting me and taking pictures. I also want to thank all the Lil’ Texans who brought books and sang along during my shows. And I hope all of you get to check out one of my many books Mrs. Kosek got for the library. I signed each and every one and even added reminders in some to remember four special words…



Playing with the Panthers


Today I saw two schools in one over in Longview, Texas. I had a big time in the big auditorium with the Spring Hill Primary and the Spring Hill Intermediate Panthers! Between three fun shows, I signed several books for students and even some for both libraries!

This visit, I received a pleasant surprise when I was presented with a special Panther paw shirt, custom-made by Mrs. Holder of Spring Hill Primary. Of course, I had to take it for a test drive during my last show. Thanks for the thoughtful gift, Mrs. H!


Thanks to Mrs. Pleasant for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Pleasant for the fun lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Doron and Mr. Wildt for all the tech support. Thanks again to Mrs. Holder for the shirt and welcome banner. And a big thanks to all the Spring Hill Panthers! I hope you had as much fun as I did. And I hope you liked my new shirt!