Apr 22

As part of the ArtBreak 2015 festival, I spent the day with some talented junior high and high school students for a fun writing workshop! I’m sure they could tell right away why I’m a writer and not an illustrator when I showed them some pictures (albeit crude ones) that would help them remember some of the many writing tips I had to share. I hope they found them as useful as I did when they were given to me by many editors, teachers, and fellow writers over the years.
Thanks to Mrs. Smith and the good people at artBreak! for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Nitz and all the librarians who stayed to help. And a big thanks to all the young writers and readers who hung out with me today! Thanks: Akeylah, Brianna, Christian, Emma, Hunter, Jackson, Jenny, Kaetlyn, Kaitlyn, Kay, Laura, Layna, Maria, Natalie, Precious, Riley, Samantha, and Zoe. Keep reading and don’t forget to send me your stories and poems; I look forward to reading them!