Mar 12

My last day for this Arkansas trip had me at Fairview Elementary in Fort Smith!

I spent the entire day at Fairview, performed three shows, and signed a ton of books for the students and the school library!

I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and even got a preview for a cool new story. I can’t wait to read about your new characters, Remi!

Thanks to Mrs. Petrucci and the PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Crenshaw for all the help. Thanks to everyone for lunch. Thanks to Jenny for letting me know about how your class doesn’t like the word, “can’t.”

But the biggest thanks of all goes to all the great kids at Fairview Elementary. I hope you enjoy your books, but if you didn’t get one, be sure to check out one of my signed books from your library!

Mar 11

Today I visited another fun Arkansas school—Westside Elementary, home of the Rebels!

We hung out in the music room all day (thanks Mrs. Ross) and enjoyed three exciting shows together! In between shows, I enjoyed reading the hundred dollar essays posted in the cafeteria. I don’t know if I could be that creative with a hundred dollars.

Thanks to Mrs. Fields for inviting me. Thanks again to Mrs. Ross for the use of the room (and happy birthday, by the way)…

…but the biggest thanks of all goes to the Rebels themselves! I hope you enjoyed my visit and I hope you put those bookmarks to good use and remember the four important words printed on them!

Mar 5

Today I had the pleasure of returning to McDonald Elementary in Ferris, TX!

Last time I visited for McDonald’s Book Week, but THIS time I was featured during their Career Week! I had a great time meeting all the students and seeing the many career costumes in the crowd!

Thanks to Mrs. Nunez for having me out. Thanks to Coach Davis for the use of the gym. Thanks to Mrs. Miles for all the great help. And a big thanks to all the wonderful McDonald students! I hope my show gave you some career ideas and the four words it takes to make those careers happen–I Can Do That!

Mar 1

I spent the morning with the Austin Elementary Astronauts in Richmond, TX! The Astronauts were celebrating Read Across America Day by coming to school in their pajamas, listening to storytellers from all over, and meeting … me!

I performed three shows, signed a bunch of books, and spotted some fun hats!

I also ran into hometown friend, Mrs. Coats (although I didn’t recognize her dressed as the Cat in the Hat).

Thanks to Mrs. Collins for inviting me out. Thanks to Mrs. Williams for all the help. Thanks to Mrs. Coats and the PTO for making my visit possible. And a big thanks to all the Astronauts themselves. I hope you had as much fun celebrating Read Across America Day as I did!

Feb 28

Today I enjoyed “hat day” at Club Hill Elementary in Garland, TX—home of the Cougars! All leading up to National Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss’ birthday), there were many great hats in the school. I fit right in!

I performed three shows in the morning and met so many young writers and even a few future screenwriters.

Thanks to Mrs. Drummond for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Montgomery for the introductions. And the biggest thanks of all goes to the Club Hill Cougars themselves. I enjoyed seeing your many hats and I hope you read plenty of great books on Saturday!

Feb 26

My second day in Greenbrier, AR had me beginning at Springhill Elementary!

I performed two morning shows and enjoyed meeting several young writers and even a few future screenwriters!

I began my time in Greenbrier on the west side so it was only fitting that I ended at Eastside Elementary!

I performed two afternoon shows and signed a bunch of books after each show!

Thanks to Mrs. Crymes for having me out at Springhill Elementary. Thanks to Deegan for the cool Star Wars pencil. Thanks to Mrs. Havens for having me out at Eastside (I’m so glad you enjoyed meeting Virgil). And thanks to Michael for the great tech support. But most of all, I’d like to thank all the wonderful students at Springhill and Eastside elementary schools! You made my latest Arkansas trip a memorable one.

Feb 25

This morning I began my quick Arkansas tour of Greenbrier Public Schools on the west side … at Westside Elementary in Greenbrier, Arkansas!

I performed in front of two great groups of students and I got to meet Mrs. Lewter’s Destination Imagination group (I even sign their stageplay)!

After signing a bunch of books in the school library, I zipped over to Wooster Elementary!

After each of the two afternoon shows, I had the pleasure of signing more books for several Wooster students!

Thanks to Mrs. Duncan for having me out at Westside. Thanks to Mr. Weiler for the Westside tech support. Thanks to Mrs. Stevens for inviting me to Greenbrier and for having me out to Wooster. And thanks to Coach VanPelt for the use of her gym and the Wooster technical help. But the biggest thanks goes to the great students of Westside and Wooster elementary schools. You helped make my first day in Arkansas exciting, welcoming, and fun!

Feb 15

Today was the end of Friendship and Kindness week at Carlisle Elementary in Plano, TX and I made a bunch of new friends, those being the Carlisle Coyotes!

I got to see all of the Coyotes at once during one big show and even introduce them to all of the friends I feature in my presentation.

Thanks to Mrs. Jones and the Carlisle PTA for inviting me. Thanks to Coach Barbour for help setting up and for taking pictures. And the biggest thanks of all goes to the Carlisle Coyotes themselves. I hope you enjoyed my visit and remember to email your new friend any questions you think of later!

Feb 1

Today marked a second return visit in my brief Houston area tour! And it was a great way to end the week at none other than Reed Elementary!

I had a great time seeing a whole new set of Roadrunners and visiting with friend and fellow Star Wars (and Elvis) fan, Mrs. McGarry! As always, I enjoyed her various Star Wars library decorations…

Thanks to Mrs. McGarry for inviting me back–great seeing you again! I had fun meeting Mrs. Bowman and spending lunch with her. And a big thanks to all the 1st and 3rd grade Roadrunners who I can already tell, are great readers and writers themselves!

Jan 31

Today I had the pleasure of visiting two more Katy ISD schools, the first one being Bryant Elementary in the morning!

It was super hero day at Bryant which fit right in with the reveal of my upcoming Wonder Woman book!

It was also Virgil’s birthday so he donned his tuxedo and posed for some shots!

For the afternoon, I enjoyed performing two shows for the students at nearby Stephens Elementary!

Thanks to Mrs. Casillas and Mrs. Bryant for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Frank for sending your class’s comments about my show. And a big thanks to all the great kids at Bryant and Stephens Elementarys! I hope you enjoyed my presentations and remember those four words!

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