Feb 5

I finally saw a little snow (albeit on the ground) during this Colorado trip. Nothing like the constant snow they had during my two week trip last year. However, the snow made for a pleasant drive on my way to Sierra Elementary in Arvado—home of the Sabertooths!
Once I arrived, I gave three shows for some of the most polite students I’ve ever met—thanks for being a great audience, Sabertooths! I was also pleased to discover how many young writers were there. I even was shown a story by Kyla and Areana. I hope you remember to send me your story when you’re finished. I can’t wait to read it!
Thanks to Mrs. Yacano for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Janet for all the help setting up. Thanks to Mrs. Martin for the book (looking forward to reading it). And a big thanks to all the Sierra Sabertooths (not Saberteeth, right?). I hope you put my bookmarks to good use!

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