Apr 21

My second morning in Shreveport began at Fairfield Elementary! I was on another big stage, with another big screen, playing my big guitar (my small travel guitar being in the shop). It was fun back-to-back performances and the Fairfield students made some of the best animal noises yet (at the appropriate time during the show, mind you, not just randomly during my performance—that would be just plain weird).
Thanks to Mrs. Kelly for having me out and for steering toward my website to begin with. Thanks to Mrs. Allien for the technical support. Thanks to Mrs. Kulp for driving me. And a big thanks to all the students at Fairfield Elementary. I signed a bunch of books while I was there so I know that many of you have your reading cut out for you tonight!
After a tasty southern lunch at the Professional Library Center (my third time in my life eating grits — hey, they don’t serve grits with BBQ where I’m from), I zipped over to Claiborne Elementary—home of the Cardinals! I spent my afternoon in their new library with a bunch of great kids who had the biggest show of hands when I asked who liked writing their own stories. Very cool—tons of young writers!
Thanks to Mrs. McKnight for having me out and for the use of her library. Thanks to Mrs. Nitz and Mrs. Smith for taking over driving duty. And a big thanks to all the Claiborne Cardinals. Keep writing those stories!

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