Oct 6

Today I visited two schools in one awesome venue! I spent the day at the Lumberton ISD Performing Arts Center in Lumberton, TX, where students from Lumberton Primary and Lumberton Intermediate were bussed in for the show. Other than the fact that my arrival was on Lumberton Primary’s “hat day” (which was perfect timing), I learned that I was the very first author to perform in their new venue and it spoiled me. The screen behind me was a couple stories tall and was totally worth me having to keep moving as I spoke to students on all sides!
I performed a morning show for the 1st and 2nd graders and an afternoon show for the 3rd and 4th grades. After each show several students won copies of my books—signed, of course. Happy reading, everyone (the books … nobody can read my signature)!
Thanks to Mr. Caruth for helping me set up and the technical assist. Thanks to Mrs. Cleveland and her 4th graders for the cool welcome banner. Thanks to Mrs. Scoggins (with an S) for all the help and the use of her office for lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Scoggin (without an S) and Mrs. LaRue for inviting me and being such great hosts. Thanks to the Lumberton Intermediate students who took the time to write me (I just received your thank you letters–very cool!). And the biggest thanks to ALL the Lumberton ISD students for being such a wonderful audience. I hope you keep reading and enjoy many future author visits in your amazing arts center!

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