Oct 27

Today I enjoyed day one of two at All Saints Episcopal School in Beaumont, TX! I was fortunate to be the first visiting author in their newly renovated library AND attend part of the week-long book fair. It was a monster of a fair, literally, with a monster theme throughout. The attending parents (or MOMsters) excelled in their spooky theme. I know because between presentations, I spent a lot of time in there signing dozens of copies of my books!
For lunch, I was one of many writers as I had a pizza party with all the creative writing winners! I answered tons more questions and got to hear about many fiction, non-fiction, and poetry entries. Thanks for the great lunch: Aayan, Alexander, Ariana, Brook, Cara, Carlisle, Ciara, Clara, Hadlee, Hailey, Jadyn, Maddie, Mamie, Matthew, Matthew, Meris, Molly, Sarah, Tristen, and Zeenia.
I received another treat from Mrs. Harrison’s 2nd graders in the form of fall-themed rhymes they created after reading one of my rhyming books. Here are three:
I see the colorful leaves of fall.
They rain down from trees so tall.
In a pile of leaves I rake.
Suddenly I see an angry snake.
I have a good Fall time.
It is fun to create a rhyme.
Thanks to Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Wilson for having me out. Thanks to all the Momsters for their help during the book fair. Thanks again to Mrs. Harrington’s 2nd graders for the rhymes. And a big thanks to all the students at All Saints. See you tomorrow for writing workshops!


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