Oct 28

Today I ended my two day visit at All Saints Episcopal School with three sessions of writing workshops. I met a bunch of young writers and answered some insightful questions about my writing process (as well as some questions about my fez monkey collection). I hope everyone remembers some of my writing tips and begins impressing those teachers!
I also learned that before I arrived, the fourth graders all got together and created several book trailers for a few of my books.That’s a first for me! They creatively used computer programs, legos, and stop motion animation. You can check them out, too! Just click on the links below to pull them up.
Build This City
Catch That Crook
Fight That Fire
Fix That Truck
Look Out Below
Work This Farm
I enjoyed another lunch with some more students, this time the Middle School creative writing winners. Thanks for all the great questions: Brian, Cadien, Clay, Eliza, Elizabeth, Fiona, Jack, Jill, Lily, Rania, Serena, Serena, and Taylor.
Also between writing workshops, I zipped back to the Monster Book Fair to sign tons more copies of my books. In fact, I signed so many that if you read the third letter of every fourth book I signed, it spells out, “help, I’m trapped in a school signing books, please rescue me.”
Thanks again to Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Wilson for having me out and for being so accommodating and welcoming. Thanks to all the complimentary teachers I met during the past two days (so many that I can’t remember everyone’s names).Thanks again to all the Momsters for their help during my brief book fair stay. Thanks to all the 4th graders for the swanky book trailers. And another big thanks to all the students at All Saints. I hope you enjoy my books and I expect some of you to become fantastic writers!

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