Jan 12

My first author visit of 2016 had me at Westcreek Elementary in Fort Worth, TX! I gave a presentation for the 2nd and 3rd graders, one for 5th grade, and wrapped up with the 4th graders. I was pleased to see just how many Westcreek students were interested in writing (and even had more writing questions than special effects question—doesn’t happen all the time). It sounds as if 4th grade is good to go for their upcoming school writing camp!
Thanks to Mrs. Lovings for the introduction. Thanks to Mrs. Bagley for inviting me and the educational literary lunch. And a big thanks to all the young readers and writers at Westcreek Elementary. And good luck to all the 4th graders at the writing camp. It sounds as if it’s going to be fun, entertaining, pleasurable, amusing, and agreeable! That’s some thesaurus work right there.

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