Back in Arkansas


Today I was in Fayetteville, Arkansas where I spent the first of two days at Vandergriff Elementary—home of the Grizzlies! I gave four shows in the library and I really heard those Grizzlies roar (of course they were doing dragon roars but I’m guessing it sounds similar). Either way, everyone seemed to have a good time!

I was swamped with many questions during and after each show. I had even more questions waiting for me when I returned to the hotel (isn’t that right, Corbin, Charles, Sarah, and Hadley?). These Grizzlies really like to learn!

Thanks to Mrs. Tate and the Vandergriff PTO for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Tate for all the help and the fun lunch. And a big thanks to all the Grizzlies themselves. I’ll be back with you on Friday after a side trip to Happy Hollow Elementary!

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