Feb 28


This morning I had the pleasure of attending Brill Elementary, as you can see above, home of the brilliant Broncos! They were even more brilliant than usual, being smartly-dressed for picture day. That made everyone especially enjoy the image from my show from my own picture day in elementary school!

The Broncos were as well-mannered as they were well-dressed and they had some great questions for me. However it did get a little crazy when I called, “selfie time” (sorry, teachers. My fault).

Thanks to Mrs. Artman for having me out and inviting me to Klein ISD in the first place (way to go setting up everything!!!). And a special thanks to all the Broncos themselves. Stay brilliant, Broncos!

After lunch out with Mrs. Artman and Mrs. Zachary (thanks again for lunch, Mrs. Z), I zipped over to McDougle Elementary—home of the Lions! I was ready to perform in the school gym. I just had to dodge a few balls while waiting to set up.

I signed a couple of my Green Lantern books for the library and then gave two shows for two huge crowds! Of course the McDougle Lions knew how to make proper dragon roars (with all their lion roar practice).

Thanks to Mrs. Zachary for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Dudley and Mr. Owens for the sound setup. Thanks to coaches Braziel, McFarlane, and Orrego for the use of the gym and all the help. And the biggest thanks of all goes to the Lions themselves! I hope you enjoy my books. And after you’re finished, check out some more library books while you’re at it. Mrs. Zachary has shelves of them just waiting for you!



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