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Succeed at Read!

Today I was fortunate to visit the 2nd and 3rd graders at Read-Turrentine Elementary in Silsbee, TX! I had a great time during my stay and everyone was very welcoming. I especially enjoyed seeing everyone dressed in their favorite college colors (it was College Day, after all).
I performed two shows and all the students and teachers seemed to have a good time. However, I had an extra special treat for the day—my third cousin, Wyatt was hidden among the 3rd graders! I enjoyed visiting with him and even (just barely) talked him into posing for a picture.
Thanks to Mr. Kilcrease and Mr. Camron for helping me set up and the expert tech troubleshooting. Thanks to Mr. Barton for the intro. Thanks to Elissa for being such a big Wishbone fan. Thanks to Mrs. Langley for inviting me and to her and Mrs. Sandifer for the pleasant lunch conversation. And a big thanks to all the great kids at Read-Turrentine! You were the perfect ending for my two-day jaunt to your area!


In Front of the Big Screen!

Today I visited two schools in one awesome venue! I spent the day at the Lumberton ISD Performing Arts Center in Lumberton, TX, where students from Lumberton Primary and Lumberton Intermediate were bussed in for the show. Other than the fact that my arrival was on Lumberton Primary’s “hat day” (which was perfect timing), I learned that I was the very first author to perform in their new venue and it spoiled me. The screen behind me was a couple stories tall and was totally worth me having to keep moving as I spoke to students on all sides!
I performed a morning show for the 1st and 2nd graders and an afternoon show for the 3rd and 4th grades. After each show several students won copies of my books—signed, of course. Happy reading, everyone (the books … nobody can read my signature)!
Thanks to Mr. Caruth for helping me set up and the technical assist. Thanks to Mrs. Cleveland and her 4th graders for the cool welcome banner. Thanks to Mrs. Scoggins (with an S) for all the help and the use of her office for lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Scoggin (without an S) and Mrs. LaRue for inviting me and being such great hosts. And the biggest thanks to all the Lumberton ISD students for being such a wonderful audience. I hope you keep reading and enjoy many future author visits in your amazing arts center!


Going Back to College

Today, my first author visit of the school year was at NSU Elementary Lab School in Natchitoches, LA! Part of Northwestern State University, this was my first visit to a university lab school and everyone was very welcoming and energetic. I gave three performances and even posed for a class photo with every class in school. I even got a sneak peek at the school’s holiday program. It’s superhero themed this year because all the NSU E-lab kids are superheroes!
Thanks to Mrs. Wiggins for inviting me and for lunch from the world-famous Lasyone’s. Thanks to Mrs. Jordan for the kind email afterwards (I’m glad your boys had a great time during my show). And a big thanks to all the students and teachers at NSU E-Lab! What a great way to begin the new school year!


Back in Ennis!

Today I was welcomed back to the Ennis Public Library in Ennis, TX! I was part of their exciting, super hero-themed summer reading program—where every hero has a story! I was even joined by the latest guest in the program’s hometown heroes theme, Ennis city manager, Chuck Ewings.
I performed two shows, met bunches of great readers, and enjoyed the library’s stupendous super hero decorations, including … the Bookcave. That’s right, the kids’ section of the library was decorated to be a real cave, complete with stalactites and bats!
Thanks so much to Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Wittee for having me back. Thanks to Mr. Ewings for the great opening act. And a big thanks to the tons of kids who came out to see me. You’re so close to your reading goal, keep after it and I know you’ll make it. Reading is your superpower!


Superhero Reading!

Today I had a great time visiting the Round Rock Public Library in Round Rock, TX! I performed one show for ages 6 – 10 and then a second show for ages 10 and up. It was a great turnout on a Thursday afternoon, thanks to their superhero-themed summer reading program, with the motto: “every hero has a story!” How cool is that, two of my favorite things—superheroes and reading!
After my first show, local bookstore, The Book Spot, was on hand to sell some of my books. They sold out after the first show and I was happy to sign every one!
Thanks to Theresa Faris for inviting me. Thanks to the Friends of the Round Rock Library for having me out. Thanks to Said for all the tech support. Thanks to Lizzy and The Book Spot for selling my books. And a big thanks to all the parents and kids who came out to meet me. I hope everyone keeps coming back to the library and keeps up with their wonderful summer reading program! Don’t forget, every hero has a story!




Kickin’ Back with the Cougars!

My last school visit in Houston this week was also my last visit for the school year. And I’m here to tell you that it was a fun time at Klenk Elementary—home of the Cougars! I was met with a welcome on the school’s marquee, another cool welcome sign in the library, and a bunch of excited kids! It was a great finale for the school year!
I found out that I was part of a double feature this week since I performed for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders while the younger students got to enjoy Author/Illustrator Woody Kuon!
Thanks to Mrs. Green for inviting me, for the lunch out, and great conversation. Thanks to Mrs. Hudson for taking pictures and for her help with the book signing. And thanks to all the Klenk Cougars for finishing off a memorable school year. I hope you enjoy your books and don’t forget … those four words!


Hangin’ with the Huskies!

Today was another fun day in Houston, TX at Metzler Elementary–home of the Huskies! I performed for all of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, signed a bunch of books, and leaned that Metzler is just full of young writers. How cool is that?
During my stay at Metzler, I had some special helpers for the day–the Husky Paws! Thanks: Araceli, Bailey, Della, Madison, Noah, and Skylar!
Thanks to Mrs. Mohalley for having me out, for the great lunch, all the snacks, and for my own personal parking space. Thanks to some of the Paws for taking pictures. And thanks to all of the Huskies for making a memorable day. I hope you enjoy the books I signed. And with so many young writers, I may get to read your books someday!


Ridin’ with the Cowboys!

Today I began my last week of author visits for the school year–and I’m back in Texas at Kaiser Elementary in Houston–home of the Cowboys! I performed three shows for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders and signed a bunch of books after each show. All the Kaiser Cowboys were wonderful and gave me a great Texas welcome during each show!
I also shared the stage with Mrs. Fletcher’s very cool big comfy chair. I didn’t dare sit in it, though. I knew that if I did, I’d never want to get up!
Thanks to Mrs. Fletcher for inviting me and for the delicious lunch (awesome cake). And thanks to all the Kaiser Cowboys. I hope you enjoy the books I signed. And if you didn’t get one, be sure to ask Mrs. Fletcher to check out one of the books I signed for the school library. Time is running out, though. Only a few weeks of school left!


South Dakota Grand Finale

Today I ended my first South Dakota tour at Hot Springs Elementary–home of the Bison! I had a great time at my last SD school as I performed in front of energetic students surrounded by cool superhero murals. You know I like superheroes!
After lunch I signed a bunch of books and ended my day by performing for the 5th graders in Mr. Phelps’ classroom. It was a smaller space and we really made the walls in the new building vibrate!
Thanks to Mrs. Skrdlant for inviting me out and for all the help contacting the other schools for this ambitious state-wide tour. Thanks to all the students and parents who had me out through some amazing fundraising. Thanks to Mr. Phelps for the use of his classroom. Thanks again to Mr. Phelps and to Mrs. Skrdlant for taking pictures. And a big thanks to all the Bison for being such great listeners and for showing me a great finale for my first visit to South Dakota!


Wacky Wednesday at McLaughlin

My third day in South Dakota had me in McLaughlin Elementary on the Standing Rock Reservation. It was Wacky Wednesday at McLaughlin Elementary and many of the teachers came dressed for the occasion in fun, crazy outfits! I got my own show watching the audience as I performed my two shows.
It was pizza day on Wacky Wednesday (although there’s nothing wacky about pizza) and after lunch I held a writing workshop for a bunch of hand-picked 4th and 5th graders. I hope you all learned something and keep writing: Avery, Braden, Brooks, Connor, Destiny, Ivy Jo, Jade, Jesstin, Lakeisha, Leta, Mercedes, Pamela, Payton, Pizi, Rambur, Sammi, Sarah, Tyla, and Tyler!
During my visit, I was surprised to get a stack of letters and drawings from Mrs. Doust’s 1st grade class. Thanks for writing: Brylee, Caiden, Carter, Daven, Dusti, Grace Lee, Greg, John, Kaylee, Kimimilia, Malzah, Oliver, Romani, Shayla, and Shelloni!
And to those who asked questions…
Shelloni: My favorite movie is Star Wars.
Oliver: For fun I like hiking, camping, and riding horses.
Kaylee: My favorite class was Science class.
Grace Lee: My favorite fruit are bananas
Shayla: My favorite hat is my cowboy hat.
John: Yes, I love to read.
Caiden: Yes, I alway have fun writing books.
And to Maleah, Carter, Greg, and Daven: My favorite color is red!
Thanks to Mrs. Thunker for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Taken Alive and Mr. Wutzke for helping me set up. Thanks to Mrs. Mann for the use of her library. Thanks to Lyden for his expert guidance to the lunchroom. Thanks to Emily for the cuts in line. Thanks to the 3rd grade for the original, signed audience banners. Thanks to Zoey Elizabeth for the letter. And a huge thanks to all the fun kids at McLaughlin Elementary! I had a great time visiting your school!