Literacy Week in Port St Lucie, FL

Oak Hammock K-8
As part of Literacy Week, today I visited three great schools in Port St Lucie, FL beginning with Oak Hammock K-8! I performed three quick shows in the morning for select students from grades 2nd through 8th. I had a wonderful time but was disappointed to hear that I was going to miss the big parade of characters the next day. That, along with the spelling bee, sounded like a great way to celebrate Literacy Week!
Bayshore Elementary
After lunch at Oak Hammock, I zipped over to Bayshore Elementary where I gave a single performance for all of 4th and 5th grade! After the show, I signed my first copy of my latest release, the novelization of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (thanks, Antonio) and even signed a movie poster for Alana. I also signed a bunch of books for the Bayshore Library. I hope everyone enjoys reading them during the school year!
West Gate K-8
And tonight, for my last appearance in Port St Lucie, I performed at West Gate K-8 at their Literacy Week evening event where guests enjoyed a meal from Olive Garden and a show—me! There were many great questions and even some future screenwriters from what I could tell by the interest in the screenplays I had brought along.
Thanks to Mrs. Bolitho and Mrs. Wisniewski for having me at Old Hammock and for a fun lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Beans for having me at Bayshore and for hunting down all my out of print books for the library. Thanks to Mrs. Petruff for having me at West Gate and for coordinating the entire event. And a big thanks to all the students I met today. Have fun and read lots during the rest of Literacy Week!


Just Released!

Released today is my novelization for Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Of course, I had the opportunity to read this script when I wrote this book and I think it’s going to be the best Night at the Museum yet! Be sure to see the film when it hits theaters this month. Or, if you can’t wait that long, read the novelization!
Can’t even wait that long? Really?!! Then I guess you should check out the trailer and more at the official movie site HERE.



Last Author Visit of 2014

Today, my last school visit of the year had me at Dunbar Middle School in Dickinson, Texas. I had the rare treat to perform in front of 5th graders only in three large groups—or three teams as they’re divided at Dunbar. Everyone was very attentive and had so many great questions. So much so that during the first show, I didn’t have time to share my silly song with them. Sorry, Spirit Team. You’ll have to hear all about it from the Honor and Courage Teams. Be sure to get them to make a giraffe noise for you!
Thanks to Mrs. Lonsford for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Salvato for taking pictures. Thanks to Kaitlyn for the drawing. And a big thanks to all the great 5th graders at Dunbar Middle School. Thanks for making my last author visit of the year an exciting way to end 2014!


My Morning at Minshew

I enjoyed a great morning at Minshew Elementary in McKinney, TX–home of the Minshew Mighty Colts! I was greeted by a cool welcome sign and eager students, ready to see my show. I gave two shows and, fortunately for me, Mrs. McNally was able to fit three entire grades into the library for each show. I say I was fortunate because, for each show, I had a packed house in my favorite place to perform–you know, where all the books live!
Thanks to Mrs. McNally, Mrs. Buchanan, and the Minshew PTA for inviting me out. Thanks to Mrs. Stuart for taking pictures, all the help, and for being able to remember every student’s name–wow! Thanks to the Minshew staff for the entertaining lunch. And a big thanks to all the Minshew Colts. Be sure to check out your library for some of the books I signed. And don’t forget to ask Mrs. McNally about winning some of my signed books later!


Big Morning in Burleson, TX

Today was a split day between two wonderful schools in Burleson, TX. My first stop at Stribling Elementary–home of the Stars! All the students were excited to see me and Mrs. McCalla had installed several cool welcome signs both in and outside the school; it was a great welcome indeed! Between my two presentations in the gym, I overheard that the Stribling Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts would help with the flags at the following day’s Veterans Day celebration. Being an Eagle Scout, that was great to hear!
Thanks to Mrs. McCalla for inviting me, for lunch, and for the great pics. Thanks to Mrs. Orr and Mrs. Kimball for help setting up. And a big thanks to all Stribling Stars for being such a great audience. And to all the Stribling Scouts, best of luck at your Veterans Day ceremony tomorrow. You’ll be great!


Meanwhile, that afternoon…

After a fun lunch with Mrs. McCalla and Mrs. Oliver, I followed Mrs. Oliver over to Norwood Elementary–home of the Vikings. This was a unique experience since it was my first time performing in an open gym located in the center of the school. They call it “the pit”. I enjoyed speaking on the big stage, in front of their huge, rear-projected screen and being encircled by the pit’s parapets all along the surrounding wall. Even though it’s more like a castle, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a good place for Vikings too!
Thanks to Mrs. Oliver for having me out and a big thanks to all the Norwood Vikings. You had some great questions and enthusiastic animal sounds. I hope you remember those four words I taught you!


Last day in Mansfield ISD!

Today I finished my Mansfield ISD tour with an exciting day at Sheppard Elementary, in Mansfield, TX–home of the Sheppard Colts! I signed bunches of students’ books and got to give three presentations using Mrs. Prince’s big screen. And that wasn’t the only big thing in the Sheppard Library. This was the first library I’ve visited with a full-sized covered wagon reading area! No kidding. Sheppard students can read books about western wagon trains, all while kicking back inside a covered wagon of their very own. How cool is that?
Thanks to Mrs. Prince and the Sheppard PTA for having me out. Thanks for Mrs. Barta for taking pictures. Thanks to both of them and former school librarian, Mrs. McAmis for the great lunch companionship. And a big thanks to all the Sheppard Colts. I hope you enjoy the copies of my books in your library. Be sure to read them inside that wagon for me!


Day 3 in Mansfield ISD

Day three in Mansfield ISD and I found my way (eventually) to Neal Elementary, in Mansfield, TX–home of the Cheetahs! I took a few wrong turns getting there because the little lady in the box (my GPS) had the address wrong. But even though I arrived a few minutes later than planned, Mrs. Norris helped me set up in a snap. I had a fun time presenting to three large groups of kids, many of whom brought their own books for me to sign. Several even shared some of the stories they were writing. So cool!
Thanks to Mrs. Norris and the Neal Elementary PTA for having me out and a big thanks to all the Neal Elementary Cheetahs (a name they chose themselves)! Keep reading and keep coming up with those great stories!


Day 2 in Mansfield ISD

Today I got to meet all the great students at Tarver-Rendon Elementary in Burleson, TX. It was 50s day today in honor of the 50th day of school. Many students and teachers were dressed in 50s styles; if I had known, I would’ve worn my leather jacket! I performed two shows, signed some books, and gave a writing workshop for some of the 3rd and 4th graders. Mrs. Buckles even had the great idea to raffle off thee of my books. Great questions: Abby, Aidan, Alina, Ashlyn, Autumn, Bryant, Cayden, Chloe, Conley, Daniel, Gicelia, Grace, Hannah, Jake, Joshua, Kinly, Logan, Madeline, Miranda, Nevaeh, Pavel, Purity, Samantha, Savannah, and Sydney. I hope you had as much fun as I did!
Thanks to Mrs. Buckles for heading up this Mansfield ISD tour. Thanks to Mrs. Buckles again and the Tarver-Rendon PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Krueger for helping me set up and for “warming up the crowd” with her songs (feel free to use my farm song in the future, if you can remember how to make the giraffe sound). And a big thanks to all the great Tarver-Rendon students. All the best during your next 50 days!


Cruising through Mansfield ISD

Today was the first day of my Mansfield ISD tour with a stop at Ponder Elementary in Burleson, TX. I gave three presentations, signed some books, and met several wonderful Ponder students and teachers. I was fortunate to visit Ponder this fall because they’re moving to a brand new school after Christmas break. Mrs. Campbell even showed it to me on the way back from lunch. It’s big, new, and almost ready to be filled with curious students!
Thanks to Mrs. Campbell and the Ponder PTA for inviting me (and for the great lunch). Thanks to Mrs. Brown for helping me set up. Thanks to Mrs. Coatney’s class for the wonderful thank you banner. And a big thanks to all the great students at Ponder Elementary! I hope you enjoy your new school!
Be sure to check out Mrs. Campbell’s cool library blog HERE!