Feb 7

Thursday, I made it up to McAuliffe Elementary in Highland Village, TX. I performed three shows in front of three huge crowds of excited students. Fortunately for me, Mrs. Theibaud’s library was big enough to hold them all!
Many of the McAuliffe teachers did their own homework beforehand and scoured my website, discovering all kinds of information about me and what I do. Many found out that I collect hats and one learned that my friends call me “Ant” (short for Anthony and NOT because I can lift 20 times my own body weight). I didn’t get the teacher’s name, but thanks to her, her entire class had a wonderful surprise for me–all of them wore Ant hats in my honor! Add that to all the other cool hats that many of the kids wore and it was a very warm welcome indeed!
Thanks to Mrs. Shaughnessy and the MaAuliffe PTA for inviting me to visit. Thanks to Mrs. Theibaud for the use of her library and for moving all the shelves to make room for those huge audiences. And a special thanks to all those huge audiences themselves, the wonderful students of McAuliffe Elementary. I hope you enjoyed all those books I signed for you!

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