Feb 8

Today I enjoyed visiting two fun schools right on the military base of Fort Hood, TX! In the morning, I visited Oveta Culp Hobby Elementary – home of the Patriots. And you know what? The Patriots were my elementary school’s mascot in Brownsville, TX — the Russel Patriots!
After Mrs. Coffield picked me up at the base’s visitor center, I set up and performed two shows in her huge library; the kids were packed all the way to the back. Now, during every show, I asked the students how many of them enjoy writing their own stories. I know that not everyone wants to be a writer when they grow up but I was pleasantly surprised just how many kids raised their hands at this school. I think it was the most I’ve seen so far. I hope all the teachers there like to read because there are going to be tons of young writers coming out of Oveta Culp Hobby Elementary!
Thanks to Mrs. Colffield for inviting me and thanks to Mrs. Buller for all her help. And a big thanks to the Oveta Culp Hobby Patriots! Keep reading and keep writing those stories!

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