Feb 4

Today I began my brief Colorado tour with a return to Aragon Elementary in Fountain, CO. I say “returned” since some technical difficulties on my end caused me to reschedule my visit. Luckily, the Aragon students and staff were just as welcoming on my return trip!
I enjoyed giving three presentations followed by a writing workshop for some special 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. They had some great questions and I just know they’re going off to write some wonderful stories. I met a bunch of Aragon Alligators up close when I signed a bunch of books for some prize-winning students.
Thanks to Mrs. Lorenzini for being a great host and for your help throughout the day. Thanks to Mrs. Davy and her hard work with donorschoose.org for having me out (I’m so sorry you were out sick today). Thanks to Mrs. Rapp for helping me set up. Thanks to Ms. Amanda and Mr. Maiurro for taking pictures. Thanks to all the Kindergarteners for the thank you cards. Thanks to Isaac for the candy bar—very thoughtful. And a big thanks to all the Aragon Alligators! I’m thrilled that I could make it back to see you!

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