Feb 13

Today I had the pleasure to visit Rockville Elementary in Louisburg, KS—home of the Wildcats (or Wild Kittens for the elementary). I was greeted with a couple of welcome banners signed by all the Wild Kittens themselves! Today was a big day for Rockville Elementary because I got to visit with the entire school in the morning and then everyone had a Valentine’s day party that afternoon. I even received a valentine from one of the students—thanks Belinda!
I performed a show for each grade (Kinder, 1st, and 2nd), signed tons of books for the students and school library, AND I even signed the collar of a Wishbone plush for Mrs. Richardson—a first for me.
Thanks to Mrs. Shaffer for inviting me, for doing a bang-up job on her second author visit, and for the wonderful gift basket. Thanks to the Louisburg Elementary PTO for having me. And a big thanks to all the Rockville Wild Kittens! Keep reading plenty of books on your way to becoming big, bad Wildcats!

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