Feb 17

Instead of two states up, I was two state over today—all the way in Alabama. I began my morning at Eclectic Elementary in Eclectic, AL. I presented two shows atop the tall lunchroom stage. Luckily, I was able to meet all the second graders before they were bussed off to the Pinkalicious show (hence, all the pink outfits that morning). After my show, I signed more than 100 books for several EE students. That’s about as many books as I’ve written!
Thanks to Mrs. Quinn and the Eclectic Elementary PTA for having me out. Thanks again to Mrs. Quinn for lunch. Thanks to the library fish for doing cool fish stuff behind me while I signed books. Thanks to Mrs. Sanford for the high praise and kind words. And thanks to all Eclectic Elementary students. Keep reading and keep being eclectic!
I signed so many books, I had to take my lunch to go as I drove over to Millbrook Middle School in Millbrook, AL. Luckily, Mrs. Johnson had everything ready to go and I got to see their cool aquarium with Fiction, the turtle. I performed my third show of the day for all the 5th graders, and after that, I signed even more books!
I didn’t get to perform for Mrs. Johnson’s Broadcasting club but I got to meet them. I even left a copy of my Wishbone script for them to study. I don’t know how many talking dogs they get at the school but you never know!
Thanks to Mrs. Johnson for having me out and for the generous gift basket. And a big thanks to all the Millbrook 5th graders. I hope you enjoy your books and keep writing those stories!

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