Apr 20

As part of my artBreak! 2015 week-long visit to Shreveport, Louisiana, my first day had me at South Highlands Elementary! I gave two performances in front of the big screen and was fortunate enough to personally meet many wonderful students during the book signing afterwards in the library.
But the day wasn’t over yet, I enjoyed giving a writing workshop to many hard-working students who were energetic and eager to learn more about writing. Thanks for coming: Abigail, Anna, Ashleigh, Cal, Caroline, Ciara, Cooper, Emma, Evelyn, Grace B., Grace K., Grace Anne, Hannah, Jacob, James, Jazzlynn, Joshua, Justine, Karaline, Kelvin, Laiba, Logan, Luke, Mae, Maxwell, Merritt, Nicole, Olivia, Sebastian, Simmion, Suha, Thach, Vicki, and William. I hope you had as much fun as I did!
Thanks to Mrs. Shamburg for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Nitz for driving. Thanks to Mrs. Smith, Nitz, & Shamburg for the fun lunch. Thanks to Mr. Wright for all the sound support. And a big thanks to all the great South Highlands students.

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