Apr 23

Today I was back to visiting Shreveport schools, starting with Arthur Circle Elementary, home of the Cougars! I performed two shows this morning to another great bunch of Shreveport students. Sorry that the 3rd graders had to leave before my silly song at the end (you’ll have to ask the other grades to teach it to you) but I’m sure you had an equally fun time at ArtBreak!
Thanks to Mrs. Howard for having me out. Thanks again to Mrs. Nitz for driving and taking pictures. And a big Barney, super-dee-duper thank you to all the courageous Cougars. I hope to see you again at ArtBreak this weekend!
Mrs. Nitz and I left Arthur Circle and zipped over to A.C. Steere Elementary–home of the Gators! After a tasty Italian lunch, I gave two more performances and signed a bunch of books where I got to meet many A.C. Steere Gators up close!
Now, I don’t know if it was the auditorium’s acoustics but the A.C. Steere Gators had to have, absolutely the loudest dragon roars that I’ve ever heard–and I’ve been to a ton of schools. I could barely hear when I left your school!
Thanks to Mrs. McInnis for having me out and for lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Smith for the ride back to the hotel. And a big thanks to all the very cool, and very loud, Gators. I guess that a gator is close enough to a dragon, right? Because you really knew how to roar!

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