May 4

Today I visited my very first school in South Dakota! I didn’t make the trip alone this time. I came with my wife Becky and chief of tour security, Virgil the chihuahua. So far, we’ve had a fun time driving around the scenic farmlands! The first stop in my state-wide tour was at Sioux Valley Elementary in Volga, SD!
The Sioux Valley Elementary students were very welcoming and the Junior Kindergartners even made me a special banner for my show! And after each show, all the Sioux Valley students performed some special cheers. Let’s see if I remember them all: there was the round of applause, the stamp of approval, the rollercoaster, three hip-hip-hoorays, and my favorite, the cowboy cheer–yee-hah!
Thanks to Mrs. Beito for all the help, leading the cheers, and for the wonderful introductions. Thanks to the Sioux Valley Elementary PTO for having me out and for lunch for my wife and me. And a big thanks to all the Sioux Valley Elementary students. Your special cheers, banners, and balloons made for a welcoming first visit to your beautiful state!

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