Nov 17


I enjoyed an exciting day today at Jeter Elementary in Manvel, TX. I gave two performances to huge crowds of students (some may the biggest audiences in a while) and two writing workshops to several aspiring writers.
Several things made today stand out. First, I was greeted with a fun welcome sign as soon as I arrived. Second, I enjoyed a Thanksgiving lunch with many of the students and their families. Third, a roving pep rally followed my first performance complete with high school band members, cheerleaders, football players, and drill team members. And finally, I received a nice GIFT BAG full of all kinds of treats for back at the hotel (many I’ve sampled already).
Thanks to Mrs. Choules for inviting me and for the great gift bag and thank you card; it was quite appreciated. And thanks to all the Don Jeter Jaguars for being such a great audience! Keep reading and keep writing!


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