Jan 20


I had a wonderful welcome at Chambers Elementary in Houston, TX. When I checked in at the school this morning I saw that all of the students recognized me and were very excited that I came. I also noticed something else; most of them (and the teachers, too) wore … hats. Turns out the Chambers Chargers found out about my hat collection and wore hats in my honor. Very cool! Just check out the banner above!
My presentations went great and I hope all the hat-wearing Chargers enjoyed themselves as much as I did. I even had some of them wish my chihuahua, Echo, a happy birthday; she’s fourteen today! I also hope all the 4th graders had fun at my writing workshop. Don’t forget the homework I gave you!
Thanks to Mrs. Di Felice for inviting me and to Mrs. Renner and Mr. Brown for all the help. And a super big thanks to all the Chambers Chargers for the great day and all the wonderful hats!


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