Mar 27


After a quick shower and wardrobe change back at the hotel, I headed back to Prairie View Elementary for the special Young Author Reception. It’s where many wonderful young authors and illustrators from a bunch of nearby schools were recognized for their great work. They even had their stories and illustrations published in a special book!
I gave another presentation and (even with some minor technical difficulties) it went great! I was honored to congratulate each and every one of the young authors and illustrators and even posed for a picture with each group! I signed a bunch more books (under the watchful eyes of Rico and Skipper, as you can see) and, after everyone had gone home, I finally signed the rest of Summit Pointe’s books! Whew!
Thanks again to Jessi Cox and Lee’s Summit Reading Council for a great day all around. And, as you can see, I’ve already taken my Summit Pointe Panther shirt hiking up some cool Kansas City trails I found!


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