Thelma Jones Elementary Letters


Mrs. Taylor’s class:

Osasu– I also had a great time with you and I hope to be back very soon!

John– I’m so glad you liked the Clown Commandos video clips.

Kendall– I wrote a Spiderman book. Another writer wrote the movie.

Nikola– I had a lot of fun, too. And I will pet all my dogs and cats for you!

Alexis– Thank you for the super picture of me on stage. It’s great!

Jasmine– Yes, I wrote the Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian noveliztion. And I’m glad you liked my hats!

Darien– I’ll tell Wallis the Cat you said “hello!”

Jacob– Jumbo is one of my favorite clowns, too!

Connor– Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars movie.

Faith– Thanks for calling me the funniest writer in the world!

Nina– That’s a fantastic drawing of me on stage! I’m glad you remembered, “I can do that!”

Sean– Batman is one of my favorite superheroes, too. Thanks for the great drawing of Jumbo and Colonel Clown! Awesome!

Ebere– I did see one shark when I was scuba diving, but I didn’t touch it.

Ben– I really like your drawing of Clown Commandos. I’m going to put it up on the Clown Commandos website.

Steven– Great drawing of the Special Effects spark hits! I’ll have to show Bob!

Kuan– I’m glad you liked the video of Bob creating the sparks coming from the car.

Osato– I keep all of my hats in my study so that I can see them and get inspired!

Fatiana– Yes, I would love to travel around the world!

Travis– I hope that Clown Commandos will be a movie someday, too!

Arthur– I really like to create music and fun songs. I’m very happy that you liked my silly animal song!


Mrs. Coots’ Class:

Campbell– If you have an idea for a movie, start writing it!! Remember: “I can do that!”

Dave– You have great handwriting! Keep up the good work and thank you for your letter.

Bre’auna– Your drawing of a dog is wonderful!

Maria– I’m glad you liked my metaphor fish trick. Did you see your drawing on my site?

Adam– Bob is a very good friend of mine. He is still working in special effects on movies and TV shows blowing things up!

Jaylon– I hope to see you too in 3rd grade!!

Joshua– If you have an iPod Touch you can check out the app for Clown Commandos in a couple of months!

Iyan– Thank you for the fantastic drawing! And I’m glad you have one of my Wishbone books!

Kamsey– I’m glad I came to your school, too. Thanks for writing!

Kristin– Thanks for the awesome portrait of me!

Paul– I am saying “hi” to the Chihuahua’s and Rufus the bulldog right now for you! I hope I can come back next year, too!!

Justin– I’m so glad you like Clown Commandos. And keep reading!

Courtney– My birthday is on Groundhog Day! Maybe that’s why I like animals so much!

Daniela– Thank you for the beautiful letter and drawing

Kaylin– I like the drawing you made of me all in blue! Fantastic!

Brianna– I’m glad you like the video of Bob’s flamethrower. I’ll tell him!

London– I like special effects in the movies, too. And your drawing was great- “I can do that!”